Please enjoy this video with footage from the 2015 World Championship

Going into the final day of the Etchells World Championships, which have been taking place for the past week out of The Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club Marina, USA entry Aretas held a five point lead over compatriot Scimitar, with a gaggle of boats in prime position to step up on the podium in third place.

As stated after racing yesterday, PRO Kevin Wilson confirmed that competitors would be set a long race today, featuring Course 1 for the first time. With a course length of 2.0nm and an additional windward leg, this gave a predicted race duration of 110 minutes – a good half hour longer than any of races 1 to 7.

Hong Kong (November 5, 2015) – The steak houses of Hong Kong were doing a brisk trade last night as sailors at the Etchells World Championship were feeding up after yesterday’s post-race re-weigh, with energy levels recharged as the fleet took to the water on the fourth day of the competition.

Hong Kong (November 4, 2015) – Competitors on the third day of the Etchells World Championship were greeted with a favorable forecast, which translated to 11 to 14kts of ENE breeze, which held pretty steady for most of the day, then tracked right and softened mid-afternoon.

Hong Kong (November 3, 2015) – The forecasts got it spot on for today’s Etchells World Championship racing, with a solid 15kts at 075° showing no signs of flaking out during the day’s action.

Hong Kong (November 2, 2015) – Racing in the 47th Etchells World Championships got underway in earnest this morning, with Principal Race Officer Kevin Wilson choosing to start racing on schedule, with the signal boat situated just off the north west of Ninepins.

Hong Kong (November 1, 2015) – Against the stunning backdrop of Ninepins, Bluff and the Clearwater Bay peninsula, today’s practice race for the 47th Etchells World Championships offered competitors completely different conditions to those enjoyed during the Asia Pacific Championships, with 18 to 20kts of northerly breeze throughout the day.

Hong Kong (October 26, 2015) – The third and final day of the Etchells Asia Pacific Championships got off to an early start, with the first warning signal sounding at 1000hrs. With 15 to 17kts of consistent north easterly breeze and a 1 to 2m swell, Race Officer Kevin Wilson set a course of 1.7nm and sounded the warning signal on time.

Hong Kong (October 25, 2015) – In contrast to the light winds on the first day, today’s Etchells Asia Pacific Championship action started in a healthy 12 to 15kts of nor’easterly breeze, with 33 boats reporting to the start line. Race Officer Kevin Wilson set a 1.8nm beat and after a competitive start featuring one boat OCS, it was American entry Aretas which reached the windward mark at the front of the fleet, ahead of Chris Hamption’s Tango and Jake Gunther’s The Boat.

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