Etchells Worlds + Asia Pacific's  - Insurance for Visiting Boats

The Nine Pins race area in Hong Kong is an exciting but also challenging location to sail in November and we feel strongly that a high level of insurance cover for competitors will provide the comfort required. 

The 2015 Etchells Worlds Organising Committee has spent quite some time working closely with local underwriters negotiating the following insurance packages: 

(1)    Standard Package 

Covers Comprehensive and Third Party Liability (TPL) up to HK$5 million (US$645,000) for 2 months from arrival in Hong Kong including both the OCC/APAC’s and the Worlds. The premium will be calculated on the basis of 1% total insured value, with a minimum premium of HK$5,000 (US$645) per boat. 

(2)    TPL Extension Package 

For those who require a higher TPL there is also the possibility of a TPL cover of an additional US$1 million. There is a minimum total premium on this policy of US$3500, so the more policies that can be sold the cheaper it becomes.  For example, if this taken up by 75% of the fleet the cost for the additional TPL cover would be US$100 per boat per regatta.

Payment for either package can be charged to your RHKYC temporary membership account that you will have applied for before your arrival in Hong Kong. 

Please consider your insurance cover carefully and, if you are interested in these policies, inform us as soon as possible by e-mailing using the subject header ‘Insurance.’ We will contact you confirming receipt and to let you know what further information we may require from you. 

Loaner Boats 

Loaner boats will be insured by the organisers (with the same insurers) and the premium will be included in the Loaner Boat Fee.

Hong Kong Boats 

This has been separately discussed at the recent AGM on September 5.  Please refer to the minutes of this meeting for further details. 

17 September 2015