Shipping Details - Request from RHKYC

The below should be read in conjunction with other shipping information on the official website

Attention all overseas competitors shipping their boats to Hong Kong 

We have a number of overseas boats already with us on the hard stand at RHKYC and we are expecting a further 10-12 to be arriving in the next 2-3 weeks. 

For all shipments, the owner needs to have negotiated a door to door price with their forwarder that includes:

1.    Local documentation and terminal handling charges in Hong Kong
2.    Haulage from Hong Kong Container Terminal to the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club
3.    Immediate return of the container after unloading the boat from the container

If you are a first time shipper be aware that freight rates can have significant destination charges. Failure to immediately pay these can delay the delivery of the shipment and can incur punitive demurrage charges.

To ensure a smooth transition from the port to the RHKYC the club Boat Yard needs:

1.    the shipment be consigned to “Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club”
2.    the bill of lading be sent to Connie Chan, Boat Yard, Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, Kellett Island, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong via courier or an electronic release be arranged and emailed to with copy to 
3.    the contact details of the Hong Kong representative of the Freight Forwarder
4.    the Hong Kong Forwarder to contact Connie Chan on 2239 0304 to schedule an appointment for the delivery of the container with approximately 72 hours notice

Please note RHKYC has limited space so it can only handle a limited number of shipments at any one time.  Consequently it is critical that the shipment is properly coordinated with the Club as described above.

If you have not yet finalized your shipment or are having facing any challenges especially with the local delivery arrangements, we do strongly recommend you contact our preferred partner GAC who are very experienced in dealing with deliveries to the Club and can assist both locally and internationally.