Etchells OCC/ APAC & Worlds Tows to Nine Pins race track area and Clearwater Bay Marina 

The RHKYC will be offering tows for Etchells from RHKYC Kellett Island in Causeway Bay  for the race rack and Clearwater Bay Marina for:

-    Training purposes prior to both regatta’s 
-    Transfers to Clearwater Bay Marina for racing

There will be one tow per day there and back and each way will take between 60 to 90 minutes from RHKYC.  Tows must be booked in advance.   The cost will be HK$200 each way and will be charged to your RHKYC membership account. 

Towing Dates: 

To the Race Track from RHKYC Kellett Island:

Thurs 22 Oct /  Fri 23 Oct / Tues 27 Oct  / Wed 28 Oct / Thurs 29 Oct / Fri 30 Oct / Sat 31 Oct

To RHKYC Kellet Island from the Race Track 

Thurs 22 Oct / Tues 27 Oct / Wed 28 Oct / Thurs 29 Oct / Fri 30 Oct

To help you select your training dates, please see the full Schedule of Events at 


The Tow Booking Form is available here.  Please email the completed form to:


At least one person must be aboard the towed Etchells for the entire length of the tow and be active in assisting to steer and berth the boat on arrival.  This applies to all tows no matter the destination. 

Berthing at Clearwater Bay Marina 

Etchells will be able to stay overnight at the Clearwater Bay Marina from October 24 though we hope to extend this to a couple of days earlier.  Please note there is no haul out facility at Clearwater Bay Marina except in emergency situations. 

We remind all Etchells wanting to berth at Clearwater Bay Marina that they must have completed a Temporary Berthing Form and submitted it to the RHKYC Sailing Office via email by October 16 before they can berth there.  This applies to ALL Etchells and ALL support / coaching boats.  A separately completed berthing form is required for each individual vessel.  

Further Enquiries

For further enquiries please contact the RHKYC Sailing Office: